Mike Patin uses energy, humor and stories to affirm God's goodness and presence among us
while inviting others (and himself) to take the "next step" in our journey with God.

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"Mike Patin is the ultimate presenter."

Parish Missions
A Multi-Generational Experience

Mike offers parishes a mission which is a “multi-generational” experience; that is, the messages are applicable to children, teens, singles, married couples, widowed, grandparents, etc.
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"...a tenacious enthusiasm and a powerful energy."

Engagement & Animation

Mike strives to engage and involve people through humor, energy, stories and a well constructed message. He works to evoke a response and a definite, specific course of action—a next step.
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"...motivator, coach, cheerleader, consultant, disciple, servant, listener, and carrier of the Gospel message all in one."


Facilitate means “to make easy.” Mike offers skills, tools and strategies that can help ministers and groups “de-mystify” the sometimes-overwhelming demands of working together.
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As we Wait in Joyful Hope (Advent)

Shopping lines, Christmas cards, baked goods (fruitcakes?), exams, parties, and more. This may be the time of year when we are the busiest. We can easily lose the spiritual focus of the season. And yet we hear the message to wait…in joyful….hope.

Night One: WAITING - Waiting in the doctor’s office. Waiting for a table at a restaurant. Waiting for Santa. Waiting for Mr. or Miss Right. Waiting for a raise. Tonight we look at who and what we are waiting for…with eyes of faith.

Night Two: JOY - Joy to the World” is a great Christmas hymn but the grind of ordinary life can sometimes rob us of joy. What is joy? How can you spot someone who is joyful? And how do we recapture our joy if we’ve seemed to have lost it?

Night Three: HOPE - Hope is not an attitude but a virtue that faces reality head–on. It is not wishing, or mere optimism. How do we as Catholics, live in hope? What do Advent and Christmas tell us about hope?