The fact that a person, an organization or web site is mentioned on this page as a source of further information does NOT mean that Mike Patin endorses the information the speaker, organization or website may provide or recommendations it may make.

Also,the absence of some speaker, event, organization or web site is NOT to be seen as a negative critique.

Further, readers should be aware that web sites listed may have changed or disappeared since between when this list was last updated and when it is read.

Contact Mike directly if you need other resources or if there are other sites you’d like to recommend for consideration.



  • Sacred Space. Run by Irish Jesuits. Sit at your computer and pray. Uses daily Scripture.
  • Creighton University. The campus ministry offers reflections on the daily Scripture (mass readings).
  • USCCB. Daily mass readings.
  • Universalis. Liturgy of the Hours. From England.
  • Liturgy of the Hours. Print and go.
  • Pray-as you-go. Podcast of daily reading with reflection. From England; expect a British accent.
  • Faith ND. Daily reflections on Scripture from Notre Dame's campus ministry.

Youth Ministry


  • Mark Ostreicher. Associated with Youth Specialties Publishing. Not Catholic but has a good mix of good book reviews, reflections, humor and more.
  • Roy Petitfils. Counselor. Speaker, Author. Writes well; thought-provoking.
  • Bob Rice. Professor at Steubenville with a very diverse gift set. An excellent writer and a creative man.
  • Clayton Imoo. Diocesan Director, Vancouver Canada. Faith-filled man and minister. Hockey fan, evangelist, shiitake lover. But real.


  • Abbey Youth Fest. One day faith festival north of New Orleans at my old college. Good speakers at a special place for me.
  • Notre Dame Vision. Week long event for teens, focusing on discovering your gifts and using them now. Also a track for adults. Solid leadership, well designed program.


(This list is meant ONLY as a resource. Speakers/presenters need to be selected carefully in terms of needs, audience, style, and other factors. For more information about these or other presenters—there are also some good speakers who do not have web sites—contact Mike directly.)

  • Judy McDonald. Professional comedienne. Solid Catholic. Gets teens. Teens dig her. And get a solid message.
  • Jamie Dillon. Songwriter. Mom. Catechist. Minister. Pittburgh area and the world.
  • Bob Perron. Real life humor, focused on teens and families. He lives it!
  • Roy Petitfils. Good minister and writer who loves to help adults working with teens. Faculty in-services, retreats workshops and more.
  • Chris Padgett. Knowledgeable, zany, a family man of deep spirituality and contagious energy.
  • Clayton Imoo. Diocesan Director, Vancouver Canada. Faith-filled man and minister.
  • Mike St. Pierre. Focused. Sharp. Organized. His blog and website focus on the organizational/digital issues of ministry.
  • Steve Angrisano. Authentic. Spiritual, and a whole lot more than “Pharoah, Pharoah”
  • APeX Ministries. Christian Vaudeville. Teens, adults, families. A wide variety of topics and audiences.
  • Cooper Ray. Has experience as camp director, diocesan director. Effective and light and deeper messages. Effective with teens.
  • Rich Curran. A very passionate trainer and presenter for teens and adults.
  • Oddwalk Ministries. Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson. Ask about the keytar.
  • Doug Brummel. Phenomenal at inter-generational ministry and missions. His characters draw you in and give powerful messages.
  • Josh Blakesley. Good music. Better Minister.
  • Curtis Stephan. Another fine musician and someone wanting to serve teens well.
  • Fr. Tony Ricard. Revivalist and teen preacher, with “swagger.”
  • Dumb Ox Productions. Brian Butler and others. Catholic apologetics.
  • Jesse Manibusan. Exceptional. Well-versed. Versatile. Holy. Personable. One of my heroes.
  • Anna Scally. Music and its impact on teens’ lives.
  • Spirit and has a list of musicians.
  • Stephanie Clouatre Davis. Passionate. Intense. Relatable. A bright light.
  • Katie Prejean. Theologically sound. A teacher. Funny. Provocative.
  • Sean Patrick Malloy. Speaker. Worship Leader. Dude for Christ. Right attitude.
  • Scott M. Anthony. Humorous. Catholic. Depth. More.
  • Popple. Creative. Off-the-chain. Spirited.