Mission Details


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One pastor told his parish that a mission "was a time for special grace as we come together in a more structured way and make ourselves available to the graces God gives among us as we celebrate and reflect on our shared lives and faith in God." So, a mission is as much about a parish being together for a little longer-than-normal period of time as it is about a guest speaker and their message.

Parish missions (or any other name) can be times for:

  • Reflection and prayer
  • Celebration
  • Renewal and recommitment
  • Catechesis or formation
  • Outreach and growth


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Mike focuses his speaking ministry around the values of affirmation, challenge and encouragement:

Affirmation: that Christ IS risen; that God is now (still) here; that holiness is approachable
Challenge: to keep faith alive and active in a busy culture through everyday practices
Encouragement: to keep being a “practicing” Catholic.


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Mike provides:

  • Advance planning resources, including “best practices” from other parishes in regards to publicity, liturgy/prayer, hospitality, follow-through, etc.
  • Speaking at weekend masses prior to the mission’s start on the scriptures with an invitation to parishioners to attend the mission. 
  • Usually three evening services with scripture, presentation/message, music, and one optional (daytime) presentation each day of the mission.

Examples of daytime presentations include:

  • Staff presentation/morning of reflection (motivation)
  • Junior high or high school assembly
  • A shorter morning re-cap of the mission content for those unable to attend in the evening
  • A catechist workshop
  • Meeting with youth group or confirmandi

Anyone from six to seventy-six would have really loved this mission. We saw the human and divine side of Jesus ...It was a comfort to be able to rest in joy and laughter in Christ's presence.

-Carol Walton, Pittsburgh PA

His talks were inspirational and faith filled. Mike has a unique ability of combining faith and humor to make his point and to capture and hold the attention of everyone no matter their age.

-Fr. Otis Young, Archdiocese of New Orleans

It was very comforting and confronting for me – if that makes sense. It was comforting in that you made me realize that I am not the only one battling some of the thoughts and choices I have every day. Confronting because I know that I have a lot of work to do in my journey with Jesus.

-Anonymous, Carmel IN